Teachers at BK: Carla Chin

Carla Chin explains her background as Bishop Kenny staff member.

Chloe Barron, Staff Reporter

Carla Chin isn’t just the marketing and communications coordinator at Bishop Kenny High School, but she is also a mother, former teacher and a Catholic.

As the marketing and communications coordinator, she is involved with the process of advertisement, including printed advertisements, magazines, newspapers and advertising the school’s website. 

She works closely with all of the departments especially the athletics department, admissions department and the academic department. Not only does she work with other staff, but also students. 

“When students have big achievements, we obviously want to get that into the community,” Chin said. 

This is Chin’s fifth year at Bishop Kenny. She loves this school so much that she has sent all four of her kids through its program. 

“100% their favorite thing about Bishop Kenny is the family,” Chin said. “Their best friends, their best life experiences were at this school.”

Growing up, Chin’s family couldn’t send her and her four sisters to catholic school. 

“When I got married, I made sure that my kids would be in Catholic school from Pre-K, all the way through high school,” Chin said. “And this was the best years of their lives.”

Although Chin has worked at Bishop Kenny for some time now, that is not what she started out doing. For five years after college, she worked in marketing, but she realized that that is not what she wanted to do forever. 

She went back to school and became a teacher. Her first teaching position was at Christ the King, and she worked there for 14 years. After that, she taught at San Jose Catholic School for 10 years. 

The reason Chin devotes herself to Bishop Kenny is because she believes the school offers students so much. The education, social and religious aspects are what draws people to Bishop Kenny. Bishop Kenny prepares the students for college.

“You never, quite get what you had at Kenny in college,” Chin said. “But you get close.”