Teachers of BK: Jennifer Whitford

Jennifer Whitford takes over as “Assistant Academic Dean”

William Schmidt, Staff Reporter

Like all teachers, the primary goal is to educate and teach their students, helping them to grow and cultivate. Jennifer Whitford is no different. Now with the new role of Assistant Academic Dean, she is excited to challenge herself.

As a teacher, she has taught many classes including: Creative Writing, English 3, English 1 Honors and AP Literature during her eight years at Bishop Kenny High School.

Despite having four mods, her literature classes had close to a 100% pass rate for the college board exam. 

Outside of school, Whitford said that she loves to garden and paint, as well as “creating or crafting something in my spare time.” She also loves spending time with her family which includes walking her dog and spending time with her cats.

“I loved to paint just about anything. I love to take an old piece and upcycle it into something new by giving it a fresh coat of paint,” Whitford said.

Whether it’s writing lesson plans, assisting the academic deans, hanging out with family and pets, or even gardening and painting, Whitford never has a dull moment in her life and exudes traits of kindness, forgiveness and encouragement.