Inktober Classic: Week Three

Week three of Inktober comes to a close

Elena Vincenty, Editor-in-Chief

Sophomore Mia Capling’s day 3 submission for bulky. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Doran)

One more week off of the October calendar! This week we had two submissions from Art 1 and Art 2 students.

This week’s prompts were: outpost, rocket, storm, trap, dizzy, coral and sleep.

Sophomore Mia Capling’s day 1 submission for fish. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Doran)

There is just over a week left of October and there is still time to get drawing!

Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome to email their submission to [email protected], or post on Instagram or Twitter and mention @bk_theshield. If you submit your work to us, you are guaranteed to be featured on our weekly Inktober updates!

Sophomore Jakob Stelma’s week three submission for storm.. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Doran)

Once again, the staff looks forward to seeing your submissions! Go out and get drawing!