Inktober Classic: Week One

Week one of Inktober is concluded

Elena Vincenty, Editor-in-Chief

Junior Kalia Smith’s submission for days one and two of Inktober. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Doran)

Week one submissions are in!

Lauren Doran’s art submission for the first day of Inktober. (Photos courtesy of Lauren Doran)

This weeks prompts were: fish, wisp, bulky, radio, blade, rodent and fancy.

We are featuring art teacher Lauren Doran and junior Kalia Smith.

Three and a half weeks are still left of October, which means there is still time to join in on the contest!

Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome to email their submission to [email protected], or post on Instagram or Twitter and mention @bk_theshield. If you submit your work to us, you are guaranteed to be featured on our weekly Inktober updates!

To all the participants, the staff looks forward to the upcoming submissions. Go out and get drawing!

Lauren Doran’s submission for days four and six of Inktober. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Doran)


Link to Inktober’s prompt list: