Troye Sivan Concert

Singer Troye Sivan Performs at Daily’s Place

Mary Shoemaker, Staff Reporter

        South African singer Troye Sivan held a concert at the Daily’s Place Amphitheater on Wednesday September 26. His opening acts were singer songwriter Leland and Kim Petras.

         The first artist, Leland, was pretty entertaining. His music was fun and upbeat, and he was able to cover the stage very well. He was good dancer and his vocals were great. The second artist, however, was rather unimpressive. Her voice was very shrill and her music wasn’t that great. It was obvious that she was using auto tune and she kind of just pranced around the stage instead of using it as a way to get the crowd involved. Her song choices were not very fantastic and the lyrics were just sort of elementary. If I’m being honest, her do was a better performer than she was.

         After words, Sivan took the stage and the crowd went wild. He opened with two of the more popular songs on his new album, “Bloom”. Sivan was an amazing singer and really knew how to use the stage to his advantage. Every few songs, he would take a break and just talk to the crowd while the band switched setups or as the crew switched the lighting. During these times he really got the crowd engaged and ready for his next songs. While he was a good performer and he was able to control the crowd well, there were some points when I found myself yawning. It’s not that his set was boring, it was just that some of the songs were a bit hard to dance to and the crowd wasn’t that big.

         While the concert was enjoyable, I would not describe it as the best one yet. I feel that if there was a better choice in opening acts, and if the crowd had filled the theater more, the atmosphere would have been a bit better and everyone would have had a better time.