Dazzling the Night Away

Giovanna Feitoza wins Miss Bishop Kenny

Madison Bolen, Staff Reporter

The light shines down on her hand-beaded royal red dress. People continue to cheer for her as the dazzling crown is placed on her head: Giovanna Feitoza just won Miss Bishop Kenny. 

Feitoza was born in southern Brazil and her family made the move to the United States when she was four years old. 

“There are a lot of memories of just coming to an American preschool and not understanding anything that anyone is saying. It just kind of sounded like the Charlie Brown teachers talking,” Feitoza said.

When Feitoza was seven years old, her family moved to CA where she fell in love with singing. Soon enough, Feitoza was involved in her church’s choir which gave her confidence to join theater at her local high school. 

Feitoza’s confidence sparks on stage because of her past theater experience. She participated in many different parts in her career at Bishop Kenny. She played Wednesday Addams in “The Addams Family,” the Countess in “Murder on the Orient Express,” Glinda in “The Wizard of Oz” and several parts in “Alice in Wonderland.” 

“’The Murder on the Orient Express’ was probably one of my favorite productions because the set and the costumes were just so amazing,” Feitoza said. 

There were many rooting for Feitoza, but her biggest fan was her grandmother who came all the way from Brazil to come see her perform. 

“It meant a lot because she’s just one of the most supportive people in my life,” Feitoza said. “And I could be pursuing the craziest thing and she’ll be like, but are you passionate about it? And I say, yes and she’ll say go for it. She is absolutely one of my biggest supporters, so having her there made me feel very calm onstage.”

Throughout the pageant practices, Feitoza’s favorite part was getting to know the different girls from her grade.

“At first it is kind of awkward because you all come from different friend groups, and it’s not like a community yet, but the stress of us all experiencing a new thing for the first time really brought us together,” Feitoza said.

As Feitoza explained the next steps for Miss Bishop Kenny, she had an ecstatic smile on her face. 

“I get to represent the school in whatever organization I choose to help out, that’s my choice as Miss Bishop Kenny,” Feitoza said. 

“The biggest thing right now that I need to be preparing for would be this Miss Senior High pageant which is a pageant with all of the winners from each school in Jacksonville.”