Alarming AI

All about Snapchat’s new creepy chatbot

Anna Bass, Editor-in-Chief

If you have Snapchat, then you most likely have seen the My AI icon pop up within the last couple of days. This is Snapchat’s latest experiment in order to better learn about interactions between its users.

The AI appears like a typical Bitmoji, but it is portrayed in an almost alien-like fashion. It does not come with a name, but you have the ability to name it and you can also customize it to however you want it to look.

The main function of My AI is to have immersive conversations with Snapchat users in a friendly manner. It responds almost immediately after you send it a chat. It also has the ability to offer advice, homework help and even dinner recommendations.

However, by design it is slightly creepy. The AI learns from your likes, dislikes and even can develop a personality. The eeriness doesn’t stop there though.

While it does not directly have access to your location, My AI can tell you about places near your current location if you ask it to. Additionally, some of its answers are altogether vague, spooky and it seems like it could be hiding things.

Even still, this technology is new and still in an experimental stage. It’s up to the user to decide whether they want to engage in conversation with this artificial companion or not.


MyAI has had some eerie interactions with Snapchat users. (Courtesy of Business Insider)