Students Take National German Exam

Bishop Kenny students begin to take annual German Exam

Parker Harms, Business Manager

German students have been introduced to a new way of testing. Frau (Mrs.) Carol Hollen has begun making all levels of German students take the National German Exam.

The test is designed to see where students are in their understanding of German. The test is available for all four high school levels. It can be used as a tool to see improvements in certain areas of the language.

The test has two 50 question long sections and each section is given 40 minutes to complete. The two sections are split into a reading section and a listening and viewing section.

“I felt like the reading section was harder,” Sean Limbaga, who is currently in German 4 said, “Since some of the questions ask you to infer about the reading.”

The reading section contains articles and infographics for the student to take information out of to answer the question. These are to test the reading level of each student to see what improvements need to be made. Students who succeed in this section are shown to demonstrate a high understanding of the grammar of the written form of German.

The second section contained clips from videos and sound bites from podcasts that students will watch and/or listen to. This section tests the students ability to understand the verbalization of the language and if the student needs to speak the language aloud and hear it more often in order to grow. Students who do well on this section are shown to demonstrate a high understanding of the grammar of tbe spoken form of German.

The platform of which the tests are taken is called Lingco Language Labs. Lingco allows for students and teacher to develop a personalized learning experience and course management. The platform can provide engaging content for students and give real-time analytics for student improvement.