Flying Back to Pandora

New trailer gives a look at new side of Pandora

Jared Carrillo, Staff Reporter

It’s happening! We are going back to the world of Pandora! It has been over a decade since we flew past the floating mountains on a banshee with the Na’vi, and the new trailer for “Avatar: The Way of Water” has brought us back but leaves much to be desired.

The teaser that was released in May didn’t tell us much about the story. It revealed new characters and new creatures but had only one tiny line of dialogue that accompanied half of the trailer, which was great because that’s all that the teaser was supposed to do. It brought us back to this beautiful world and gave us thousands of YouTube theories. With the first main trailer’s release, I expected more than just visuals and wanted to learn what the story was looking like. Apparently, that was asking for too much. 

The trailer vaguely introduced us to the conflict of the film. It revealed that the RDA, the company that tried to destroy Pandora, is back. Fans pretty much expected that to happen, so that reveal didn’t do too much. What I would like to know is how this film will deliver an engaging story that isn’t just a direct copy of the original.

The biggest reveal that this trailer delivered is, what seems to be, a new race of the Na’vi. Their skin tone is a different shade of blue and it seems like there is a tension between these two races. The trailer shows a girl, who I think will be the main focus of this new race, to be in love with Jake Sully’s son. This will more than likely strike a star-crossed lovers storyline that’ll eventually lead to unity between the two races as they decide to fight this force that is destroying their home.

Walking into this film, you can already expect some of the most stunning visuals you’ll ever see in any movie ever. James Cameron can’t encourage people enough to go see this on the big screen. My only hope is that the spectacle of the year lives up to the hype on Dec. 16.

The new race of the Na’vi seems to be important to the story. (Photo courtesy of