Flick-or-Treat Costumes

Top five film-based Halloween costumes of 2022

Anna Bass, Editor-in-Chief

Throughout 2022, numerous memorable movies and TV shows have been produced. Some are so influential, in fact, that I think they will make an appearance this Halloween in costumes worldwide. Here’s my list of the trendiest and most iconic costume ideas based on a few of the best films of 2022.

First on the list is a “Stranger Things” themed costume, and this could be for a group or just one person. With the release of the new blockbuster season of “Stranger Things” this past May, dressing as this bunch of 80’s teens will surely be very popular this year. This costume could be really simple and since the show is highly publicized, you will be easily recognized if you dressed as someone like Eleven or Eddie Munson.

Up next is a costume that goes along with the release of a sequel to a cherished childhood film, “Hocus Pocus.” Since there are three wicked witches starring in this tale, it would be best if this costume theme was used for a trio. 

Third on my list is another sequel-movie costume, and this is arguably one of the most popular movies released this year. Of course, I’m talking about “Top Gun: Maverick” and there are several options for this theme. You could go solo and dress as Rooster or Maverick, or you could do a duo and dress as both of these characters with a friend.

Next is a costume based on yet another iconic movie of 2022, “Elvis.” Although this retro pop-star has been capturing the hearts of the world for decades, this year he has especially been popular with the release of the movie about his life story. There’s no doubt that men and women alike will be portraying him this Halloween, but another option for a couple could be Elvis and his wife Priscila. 

Finally is a group costume that people have already been using in 2022. With the release of “Minions: The Rise of Gru” many teens have participated in the Tik Tok trend to dress up as the Minions characters when attending showings of the film in movie theaters. That being said, this costume is already popular so there’s no doubt that people will be dressing as Gru, Vector and all the little yellow minions this Oct. 31st. 

The options are endless for movie-based Halloween costumes, and I hope my ideas have helped you to find the perfect one this year. 

You and a group of friends could dress up as numerous characters from “Stranger Things.” (Photo courtesy of thepopinsider.com)
You and two others could pull off the iconic trio from “Hocus Pocus.” (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)
You and a friend could dress up as the iconic duo from “Top Gun: Maverick.” (Photo courtesy of halloweenexpress.com)
Elvis is an easier costume to pull off since it’s a solo piece. (Photo courtesy of Amazon)
You and your friends could dress up as Minions and Gru. (Photo courtesy of agassizharrisonobserver.com)