Humans of BK: Talley Gettemy

Junior Talley Gettemy talks about her passion for swimming

Rheece Singletary, A & E and Opinion Section Editor

From the age of three years old, Talley Gettemy had an amazing passion for swim. She has won many medals, and would love to continue her passion through college. She would like to receive a scholarship from colleges of her choice, like the University of North Florida. 

She has spent hour after hour at practices, and training for competition after competition. She has even brought her love of the water with her to jobs. Talley works as a lifeguard in her neighborhood, and she enjoys working by the water. 

She has also swam for a non-profit organization by the name of ‘Stroke Out Cancer.’ She gained over $800 during the fundraiser the organization held, which was raising money to find a cure for cancer. 

Talley has swam with Bolles swim club since she was in middle school, and now she is on the Varsity Bishop Kenny High School swim team since she was a freshman. One of her goals is to make it to the Olympic trials her senior year, she would really love to try to swim and see where it will take her. 

She values her team at Bishop Kenny and the opportunities that they have given her. Colleges have reached out to talk to Talley, and want to know what her future will look like. Talley says, “I love my teammates and I love the community swim has, which is so much support.” She also states one of her many motivations was going to practice to get better, without practice she would’ve never gotten where she is today.