Humans of BK: Alex Yalch

Senior Alex Yalch envisions life before, after high school

Giovanna Feitoza, Features and Sports Section Editor

By the time the second semester rolls around, high school seniors are full of excitement for graduation and heading off to college. Among the senior class, Alex Yalch tells his plans and ideas for life after high school.

Yalch received the honor of being named a National Merit Semifinalist, scoring in the top percentile of students nationally on the PSAT during his junior year. However, Yalch is still indecisive about where to attend college in the fall. At the moment, he seems to have his sights on Florida State University.

“I’ve gotten into FSU, which is really exciting…I’ll probably end up going there because of Bright Futures. But, if somewhere else lets me in and offers me a scholarship… then who knows?” Yalch said.

As for his past four years at BK, Yalch has been a part of many clubs and honors societies over the years including St. Vincent De Paul, Student Ambassadors and National Honors Society. In particular, Yalch found a passion for the arts in BK’s theater troupe during his sophomore year.

“I’m a performer at heart,” Yalch said. 

In the troupe’s latest production of “The Wizard of Oz,” Yalch played the Tin Man. When asked what his favorite memory from the show was, he recounted reuniting with a past mentor from his middle school after a show. Yalch has performed in many past productions at BK, and has competed in the District IE festival for high school thespians for the past few years. Yalch is currently preparing to perform as the King of Hearts in the Spring production of “Alice in Wonderland.”