Humans of BK: Kayly Le

Junior Kayly Le discusses balancing school, gymnastics

Anna Bass, Editor-in-Chief

Ever since Kayly Le was two years old, she’s been participating in gymnastics. The sport is truly her passion and she couldn’t imagine doing anything else in life. Her love of gymnastics has led her to spend on average around 20 hours per week at her gym, striving to improve her skills and progress to a higher level.

“I like the feeling [of accomplishment] because it takes so much work to get one single skill so like all that buildup is worth it,” Le said when she was asked what she enjoys about her sport.

Despite all the joy that gymnastics brings her, she still experiences overwhelming and stressful feelings, especially since the start of Junior year with her three AP and two honors classes. 

“I had a conversation with my coach last week on how I should balance it all and yeah definitely first week of school it was super hard because I had so much more work and I didn’t know how to manage it all,” Le said.

Even still, she is able to maintain above average grades, membership in multiple clubs and honor societies as well as working a part-time job at her gym on top of her studies and gymnastics practice. With any free time she has, Le enjoys hanging out with her friends and working out. 

Above all, Le’s favorite part of gymnastics is the team aspect. She loves the personal bond she has with each one her teammates, and how this sport is unique from any other because of the familial connection they all share.