Humans of BK: Morgan Aniskevich

Freshman Morgan Aniskevich talks about her love for soccer

Gabby Nunez, Business Manager

Beginning high school can be a very scary experience and freshman, Morgan Aniskevich, thought the same thing before starting high school on her own.

“High school has been going good and not as difficult as what people were telling me,” Aniskevich said.

At BK, Aniskevich plays for the Junior Varsity girls soccer team but hopes to move up to Varsity in the near future. She also aspires to take better classes next year and in the following years to come. She plans to play soccer in college at  “any level,” she said. 

When asked how soccer has impacted her life, Aniskevich replied with,

 “It helps [me] meet new people, inside and outside of school, and helps [me] stay healthy as well as making [me] feel better about myself.”

Aniskevich did admit that sometimes soccer can create a negative toll on her if she doesn’t perform as well as she would like to. 

“Sometimes it gets sort of frustrating when you are not playing well and that feeling can make you really stressed out and can kind of take a negative toll on you,” Aniskevich said. 

In her free time, Morgan enjoys going to the beach or spending time with her older sisters. (Gabby Nunez)