Humans of BK: Sophia Rueppell

Kennesaw’s new point guard does other extracuricular activities

William Schmidt, Staff Reporter

Number 12 is dribbling down the court… She takes two steps… She shoots… She scores! In the last game of the season senior Sophia Rueppell puts the team on her back and scores the three. Crusaders win!

Since her arrival in freshman year, Sophia has been participating in basketball here at Bishop Kenny. She also recently committed to the Women’s Basketball team at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, taking the role of point guard.

When asked about what she likes most about her sport, Sophia said she enjoys the rush of “adrenaline on the court and the ability to be a leader.” 

As a point guard, one becomes in charge on the court and has to make split second decisions that could result in a win… or a loss. 

Sophia explains also that this leadership position has helped her with “time management” and has “helped me with confidence and helped me become the leader I am today.”

Outside of basketball, Sophia takes pictures for football games and lifts weights. Despite all of these activities, Sophia still claims that she “doesn’t have a life.”

Whether it’s sinking a three point shot in basketball, snapping pictures of the best moments during football games or lifting weights, Sophia exhibits traits of leadership, resilience and kindness to everyone.