Multiversal Mayhem

New fighting game offers unique gameplay that rivals other franchises

Audrey Moody, Web Copy Editor

MultiVersus is a brand new game in the fighting genre that offers a great cast of characters, awesome and smooth gameplay and fun stages to play on. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an access code for the alpha, so I’ve tried it out and I’m here to give my honest thoughts on it! With the first play test ending on May 27, players have only a few days left to enjoy the game until the alpha closes, so I wish you all the best of luck with getting those access codes. OK OK, enough of the delay, let’s just get right into it.

Now of course, I have to start with the awesome cast of characters. Being able to play as Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, Bugs Bunny and Taz from Looney Tunes and even Batman is surreal. The game has a great cast and it seems to me that the game developers, Player First Games, will be adding some other characters, which is always awesome to see. Seeing all these characters interact with each other with their zany voice lines brings a uniqueness to the game that some other fighting games in the genre don’t have. If you’re looking for a fun yrt goofy cast of characters, this is it.

The biggest feature of this game is of course the gameplay elements. The fighting feels very smooth and satsfying to knock your opponents off the stage. I’ve tried out the majority of characters and I gotta say, all of them have super fun move sets which make for some wacky, yet satisfying combos to pull off. Their moves are also pretty easy to grasp and get the hang of, even for me who is not very good at this genre of game. But dear reader, you’re probably wondering what character is my favorite to play. With fighting games, I need a character that’s fast and has an easy-to-grasp move set and for me, that was the Tasmanian Devil himself (aka the best character) from Looney Tunes. His move set is awesome: for one move, he turns into a tornado and can crash into enemies to do big damage and for another move he can literally eat his opponents and spit them out to deal some damage. Such wacky moves are farfecthed in the fighting game genre and it’s super cool to see very unique play styles being utilized in a great way. 

Stage-wise, it’s executed perfectly. On one end, your’re battling in the Batcave and on the other end, you’re defeating opponents on top of the Tree House from Adventure Time. What’s cool is that while a lot of stages utilize the same stuff (like platforms or walls), they are all done in a fascinating way that makes me excited to see what stages will be added next. For example, the Scooby-Doo based stage has an interesting gimmick where the walls and the floor will give out if they’e hit enough. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fighting game map where the floor can literally break apart, so seeing how creative the development team is getting with this makes me look forward to the next stage release in the near future.

Characters battle it out on one of the many stages, Tree House from Adventure Time. (Photo courtesy of

So, do I recommend MultiVersus? Absolutely! It’s a wacky yet very well thought-out game and I can’t wait to see it expanded upon when it fully releases in July. The cast is super unique and charming, each with their own very creative attacks to make them stand out compared to other fighting game characters and to top it off, the stages have a very well done appeal to them that makes them easy and fun to battle your opponents on. Of course, I also can’t forget about the awesome and simpe to understand gameplay, which is the biggest aspect of most fighting games. Overall, the game is an absolute blast and I wish all of you good luck on getting those access codes so you can experience this gem of a game too!