Arthur Grows Up

Famous childhood show comes to an end

Stella Shaw, Social Media Manager

After 25 years of watching the most well known aardvark on PBS, the creators of “Arthur” decided that was time for Arthur and his friends to finally grow up. Consisting of 253 episodes and seven specials, the memorable 25 seasons of “Arthur” is the longest running children’s animated program. 

The main author of the show felt that in order to commemorate the character that he created he needed the series finale to be a tribute to the memory of Arthur. 

“The idea occurred to me that this whole series has been something Arthur has created,” Peter K Hirsch continues, “this has all been his memoir.”

During Arthur’s final screen time — in the episode “All Grown Up” — Arthur takes a glimpse at what life will be like 20 years in the future. Viewers see him as an accomplished graphic novelist releasing his first graphic novel, “Arthur’s Eyes.” This book title may seem familiar because, not only does it kickstart Arthur’s graphic novel career, but it is also the title of the first episode that kickstarted Arthur’s appearances on screen. 

The viewers of this finale got to peek into, not only Arthur’s future, but also the future of each character. A favorite of the show, (Arthur’s sister) D.W., became a traffic cop, Buster is a schoolteacher, the leader of a sneaker company is Francine, and the local weatherman is Binky. As well as Muffy campaigning for mayor and George managing the Sugar Bowl.

Leaving a message in each career and not making them super obvious. Hirsch wants to leave the children watching with a message about the different obstacles and paths that life can lead you on. 

“Life addresses you most of the time.” Hirsch expresses, “It takes you on these different twists and curves, and then it’s up to you to see how it fits.”