Humans of BK: Blanca Cuartas

Junior Blanca Cuartas talks about life inside and outside of school

Parker Harms, Business Manager

Junior Blanca Caurtas poses for Humans of BK

Junior Blanca Cuartas manages a busy life as a student with a large interest field.

Cuartas is participating in Theater and has been since the fourth grade. She has been to districts before and received an outstanding on her piece.

“The Addams Family was my only big high school production because we didn’t theater at Atlantic Coast,” Caurtas said. Caurtas transferred to BK this school year.

In addition to theater, Caurtas also hangs out with friends and volunteers, especially at the Humane Society when she can.

Caurtas has a few honors classes, including Honors English, which is her favorite class.

Caurtas’ favorite show to binge or have as background noise is The Office. Her favorite director is West Anderson.

Caurtas is the oldest of three kids in her family. She has two sisters, ages six and eight.

“I used to be a big Call of Duty girl,” Caurtas said. Call of Duty is a first-person shooter game seen through the perspective of soldiers from many of the world’s wars.

Caurtas is also actively seeking to join clubs.