Winter’s Legacy

Dolphin’s Tale star, Winter, dies at age 16

Abby Milkes, Editor-in-Chief

Winter, the dolphin who starred in the movie, Dolphin’s Tale, was first brought to The Clearwater Marine Aquarium in 2007. She had gotten tangled in a crab trap line and lost her tail and needed help. Eventually, she learned how to swim with a prosthetic replacement. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium was her home since she received her new tail.

She appeared in two films, Dolphin Tale (2011) and the sequel, Dolphin Tale 2 (2014). These movies are both based on her story.

The primary cause of her death was a gastrointestinal abnormality. While

Winter “truly inspired hope and was loved by millions of people worldwide,” Clearwater Marine Aquarium said (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons).

her team was preparing her for a procedure, they noticed that her behavior was changing and her vital signs were decreasing. After trying many things to save her, Winter passed away in the hands of her caregivers.

Winter inspired the lives of so many. She is an inspiration for millions of people all over the world. While she is not with us anymore, she will still live in the hearts of many and will continue to positively impact the world with her story of perseverance and hope.

A memorial for Winter will be announced soon so that people all around the world can honor the positive impact she had upon the world.