Miss BK Takes on Miss Senior High Pageant

Senior Sophia Parry competes in Jacksonville Miss Senior High 2022 Pageant

Cate Dudley, Editor-in-Chief

On Saturday, November 14, Senior Sophia Parry competed in the Miss Senior High Pageant.

Miss Senior High is chosen each year through a competition in the fall. Contestants are chosen by competing in their own schools pageant, and upon winning, move on to Miss Senior High.

Contestants first do an opening number all together, then introduce themselves. There is then a talent competition, followed by a formal dress and short speech segment.

Parry did a tumbling routine to an 8-count cheer mix, including many impressive jumps and tumbling passes, along with dancing throughout.

For the formal dress and speech section, Parry wore a gorgeous white dress with sparkling silver accents at the shoulders. She was escorted by her father, Billy Parry.

The prompt for the speech was the question, “What does volunteering mean to you?” Parry responded eloquently, citing a touching occasion where she realized the impact she had had on others when volunteering.

Parry is no stranger to service, she has volunteered at Camp I Am Special through high school and has been the president of BK’s Anchor Club for two years.

Due to her dedication to service and volunteerism, Parry won the GFWC First Coast Women’s Club Volunteer of the Year Award.