All Tied Up

Administration reintroduces wearing ties for all boys

Jessica Golden, Design and Layout Editor

Seniors Henry Jackson and Ryan Stevers looking less-than-happy in their ties.
Group of senior boys standing outside of the 200 building in their senior ties.
Seniors Baylor Newsom and Marvin Gjini wearing their ties outside of Statistics class.

Beginning on Thursday, October 14 boys will be required to wear ties again.
Last school year, ties were made optional due to the mask mandate. The reasoning behind optional ties for boys was because the masks paired with the ties could somewhat restrict breathing.
As of last Monday, November 27, masks were made optional due to the about of  new cases of COVID-19. Since then, the stance on masks has remained the same.
Administration came out with a statement  this week confirming boys would have to begin wearing ties again, properly until the end of the school year.
Many seniors have already been wearing their ties, so not much will change despite the fact that their shirts must be buttoned correctly, having all top buttons buttoned.

Get ready for the return of the ties.