Dollar Tree Introduces “Dollar Tree Plus”

Dollar Tree adds new “Dollar Tree Plus” section to their stores

Grace Hayag, Staff Relations Manager

The CEO of Dollar Tree announced that not everything in stores will be just $1 anymore. They will begin carrying a section called “Dollar Tree Plus” where items for sale will range anywhere from $1 to $5. 

This change has been made as a request from many shoppers. Hundreds of stores already carry a “Dollar Tree Plus” section, but soon all 8,000 stores nationwide will feature it. 

With this increase in some prices, the stores will have a larger variety of items to purchase. This added section is also a result of inflation over the past year. Labor costs are increasing so the prices of everyday goods must as well. 

Working to keep their sales up, Dollar Tree must increase its prices. They are, however, keeping their prices low enough for their customers to continue to shop on a budget. The company claims that they will stay true to their promise of value. 

Other stores such as Five Below and Dollar General have already featured $1 to $5 items in their stores. Since this is new to Dollar Tree, they will be observing how their customers react to the new “Dollar Tree Plus” section as part of a “test-and-learn” experiment.