Visit from Sarah Swafford

Overview of Swaffords assembly

Charli Esposito, Web and Social Media Manager

Seniors were excused from d-mod classes Thursday, September 23, to be a part of an assembly by Sarah Swaffword. While, underclassmen were live-streamed the assembly into their flex mods classrooms.

A inventive young speaker, promoted the ideas and conceptual values  of how to live through “Emotional Virtue: Steps for a Drama Free Life.”

Sarah Swaffword is a world renown Catholic speaker, who frequently visits schools and students to promote chastity and self worth through Catholic teachings.

Some of the lessons taught in her assembly focused on teaching young Catholic students to value the relationships in their lives, saying “I promise to not use you. I will not allow you to use me.” She made the students in the crowd repeat her words back to her to engage the students in her talk.

As well as teaching students to value the relationships in their  lives, she asked students to find a solid group of friends that they can “run with on this journey.”

Asking of them to find not just “Bros, people you party with, but brothers, people you can be real with.”

Swafford promoted the idea that through God, each student can find meaningful and strengthening relationships to each other. She began to speak about the Catholic teaching of chastity and promoting the strength that will be in a marriage if each party respects and waits for each other; “not to use each other.”

At the end of the assembly, senior students who were present at the assembly were invited to speak with Swafford. Senior Grace Devine and Rozi Darragjati went down to conclude how they felt about the assembly.

”I think it was really good message, even the boys interacted with you, which means it was really good” Grace Devine said and Senior Rozi Darragjati similarly agreed stating “I really enjoyed it, I think it’s a good message.”

Students were then excused from the assembly back to class. Afterwards, students were heard repeating her words throughout the day.

Echos of “run with me on this journey!” And “I will not use you. You will not use me” were heard throughout the halls all day.