Questioning the Homecoming Court

Members of the Homecoming Court explain why they think they deserve to be crowned king or queen

Grace Hayag, Staff Relations Manager

12 students were nominated to be members of the homecoming court as candidates to potentially win the title of homecoming royalty. When asked for three reasons why they think they deserve to be crowned homecoming king or queen, they provided the following responses…

Tina Nika:

“I am kind. I want people to just always feel loved and know that they have a friend by their side. I love to engage with other social circles and not exclude myself from anyone. I am also a high-spirited, positive person who has a lot of school pride. Finally, I am a hard worker who always puts 100 percent into whatever needs to be done.”

Cal Leonard:

“One reason is that I feel like I treat everyone the same way no matter the way they act or their popularity status. Another reason is that I feel like I represent Bishop Kenny well. And the third reason is that it’s something that I’ve wanted to accomplish for a while now and look forward to the ceremony.”

Martin Pineiros: 

“I am hard-working and put my all into the things that I do. I am determined and never give up on the things that I start. I am kind and always try to keep a positive attitude with the things that I do.”

Will Garfield:

“I am charismatic and feel like I have a personal magic of spreading good and positive energy while having an optimistic approach of inspiring others to have fun. I am outspoken which makes people enjoy my matter-of-fact, black-and-white, attitude and trust me in my honesty, advice, and way of thinking. I am also full of school spirit. At football games I try to encourage everyone to support their school and have fun. The energy I create, I feel, is contagious. I rally everyone in chants and cheers.”

Isabella Miller:

“A good handful of my family has gone to this school for a long time and I would love to leave a mark at the same school they all went through. My grandma came to the school after coming over from Cuba and I would love to represent her on the court. I have been a part of the athletics program since freshman year and it definitely has brought me closer to the school. The amount of people and teachers that I have come into contact with through volleyball have become my closest friends. When I grow up and have my own kids, I thought it would be cool to show them the photos of my high school experience. Whenever I look at my mom’s binders of the photos from her experience here, it makes me want to do something that’s worth showing to my kids.”

Jake Moran:

“I am a part of two varsity teams, one of them being football, which is what homecoming is all about. Most people like, or at least tolerate me, and I would love to represent our class in this fashion. I want to be able to show my kids photos of me up there winning and getting a crown.”

John Cratem:

“I want to win homecoming because it would be a huge résumé booster, and I could feel connected to the whole school. I’d like to think that I have a lot of school spirit, so winning homecoming king would prove that to be true.”

Mia McDavitt:

“I thought it would be a great way to participate in my school community. It is also an awesome high school memory to have with my friends. I wanted to be a part of as many things as I could for my senior year.”

Nick Ruen:

“I think I should be picked for homecoming king because I’m involved with the school in both clubs and athletics, I’m a hard worker in academics, and I’m persistent when I set a goal for myself.”

Mary Grace Neilan:

“I enjoy being surrounded by different groups of people and I’m open to being friends with anyone. I am also excited to go to college and later open my own business and help others. I will always help out a friend who is in need of someone to talk to and give them the best advice that I can.”

Kelly Calkins:

“I think I should be crowned because I’m a very social butterfly and I like to get know everyone around me. Another reason is that I always try to be positive around other people so I feel like a positive role model would be good for underclassmen. I also have Kenny Spirit. Being allowed to go to the games has given me more Kenny spirit which I could represent if I get the crown.” 

Jessica Golden:

“I have a lot of school spirit and I love to represent Kenny in any way I possibly can. I have also wanted to run for homecoming court ever since I can remember. Finally, I always want to encourage and uplift others and I think that a big part of winning homecoming queen is reflecting your kindness to other people.”