Homecoming Week Lunch Activities

Students participate in homecoming activities

Stella Shaw, Social Media Manager

Homecoming week means that the Bishop Kenny students are full of excitement and school spirit. With extra pint up energy, the crusaders let off some steam with some playful competition during lunch.

Throughout the week the cheer ladies held their annual Mr. Biceps fundraiser at lunch. Meaning that they got to see which bicep the Bishop Kenny students thought was the largest by whose arm muscle raised the most money. The Student Council candy jar activity also attracted many students. The students would scan the QR codes next to the jar full of candy and would take their guesses on how many pieces of candy they thought was in the jar. 

On Monday the student council set up corn hole game and Just Dance. The crusaders were hesitant in participation on Monday, but played more of the games as the week persisted.  

The rest of the week’s activities seemed to excite the students more; Wii games and spike ball matches were at each of the following days. 

Any student could participate in any of the lunch games; but it appeared that the upperclassman dominated in the Wii sport tournaments on the stage, while the freshman and sophomores participated in intense spike ball games outside.