Kanye Honors Late Mother Through Album

‘DONDA’ album cover

Stella Shaw, Social Media Manager

Kanye West performing

After a long time in waiting, Kanye West has finally released his 10th album, ‘Donda’. Following the postponing of the drop date of his hip-hop and rap album multiple times, the album was finally released on August 29. Kanye is infamous for postponing his projects, so many fans were not surprised that he made them wait for so long. Named after Kanye’s late mother, Dr. Donda C. West, his album quickly sprung to the top of the billboard charts. The album includes many songs mentioning his mother’s name and making religious references to her death. The album incorporated many popular rap artists including: Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Kid Cudi, Playboi Carti, Young Thug, The Lox, Pop Smoke, and Jay-Z. These collaborations had fans buzzing with excitement. Despite the loving meaning behind Donda, many fans were unimpressed by the 27 song album. Quickly after ‘Donda’ was dropped, the album was proclaimed Kanye’s “most critically-panned album” and by the end of the day, the album had been given the low overall critic score of 52 percent according to Forbes magazine. Despite the critics, Kanye West’s one hour and 48 minute album was a very meaningful token of remembrance for his late mother, ‘Donda’ West.