Food for Thought

Our top 5 favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving food

Sarah Roberts, Business and Managing Editor

Classic Thanksgiving foods are nice and all, but how do they really compare. Here is a list of the top 5 best Thanksgiving foods and also the top 5 worst Thanksgiving foods.

5th Worst: Dinner Rolls

Dinner rolls are good don’t get me wrong, but they are just there on your plate. You put them on your plate so that you can say you do not have room on your plate for any green beans or the weird yellow stuff in the blue pot your aunt brought.

5th Best: Baked Beans

Pair it with dinner rolls and you have some nice side dishes. Baked beans are better though simply for the fact that they are a better comfort food to me. Bread is nice, but baked beans just need to be heated up then you can eat. No extra effort required.

4th Worst: Sweet Potato Casserole

I do not get this dish. I do not. It is mashed up sweet potato with toasted marshmallows on top. I do like sweet potatoes and I love marshmallows, but I do not like them together.

4th Best: Mac n cheese

A simple classic as long as you do not go too crazy with it. Mac n cheese is something you cannot screw up too bad and goes with pretty much everything. You can have turkey with it, it can make ham taste good, and can mask any taste that you may not enjoy.

3rd Worst: Honey Ham

The only reason it is so far down on the list is because ham tends to have so much fat on it, I cannot ever enjoy it. Other than that honey ham is good, but most of my effort with it is put into cutting the squishy fat off.

3rd Best: Corn Casserole

A vegetable dish I will actually put on my plate willingly and happily. It is basically corn bread with corn pieces in it. You put a bit of butter on it and pair it with some meat and it tastes like Heaven.

2nd Worst: Collard Greens

It is a vegetable. Need I say more. I do not particularly like green foods in general, but collard greens is probably the one green vegetable I almost hate with a passion.  The only way I can eat this is if I have enough mac n cheese with it.

2nd Best: Turkey

The classic of classic Thanksgiving foods, turkey is simply amazing. What Thanksgiving dinner is complete without turkey? You can make a sandwich out of it with that dinner roll you were using to take up space on your plate or you could even cut it up and dunk it in gravy.

1st Worst: Yams

It has an extremely acquired taste that I will probably never get behind. It seems like it is supposed to be sweet, but is over doing it. I do not know how people eat yams. I really do not.

1st Best: Mashed Potatoes

It is creamy mashed potatoes. You can put butter and gravy on it and it will be amazing. You can even mask that ham fat that you gave up on cutting up or hide that overpowering taste of yams. It goes with everything.