Inktober Classic: Week Four

Freshman Madeline O’Neill’s submission for week four. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Doran).

Elena Vincenty, Editor-in-Chief

Halloween is tomorrow you all and that means these are the final submissions for Inktober!

This weeks prompts were: chef, rip, dig, buddy, hide, music, float, shoes, ominous and crawl.

I hope all of you felt that you improved over the course of this challenge and do not forget that just because the challenge is ending does not mean you have to stop improving. The creators of Inktober highly encourage that you continue your drawing journey and keep on improving. But, if you enjoyed Inktober their is another contest with the same company called “Inktober 52” which is all year around!

The Staff and I highly enjoyed being able to look at all of your guys’ art work and we hope you all enjoyed this challenge.

Special thanks to Lauren Doran, our very own art teacher for encouraging her students to participate and giving us submissions!

Happy Halloween and stay safe!

Inktober 52: