Harry Styles’ Newest Hit: Golden Music Video

Harry Styles surprises fans with a new music video

Grace Jennings, Copy Editor

Harry Styles surprised fans on Sunday announcing with a teaser clip that he would be releasing the music video for his song “Golden”, the fifth single off of his album “Fine Line”. Upon its release on Mon Oct 29th at 12pm, the video was among the top trending in the U.S. on Twitter within only half an hour.
The video displays exciting scenes of Harry running through a city, singing on bridges, swimming, and more. The visuals are bright and colorful to match the upbeat song.
In my opinion, this music video is not the best in comparison to Harry’s others. I would place Watermelon Sugar as the best, then Falling, then Adore You, then Golden. Even though his other videos are far better in my opinion, Golden is still a well made and produced music video, and it matches the song well. The fast moving visuals and colorful scenes pair well with the upbeat rhythm and brightness of the song.
With over 15 million views in less than 24 hours it is safe to say that fans were quick to watch. To watch the “Golden” music video go to Harry Styles’ YouTube channel.