Pep Rally Plunge

How Bishop Kenny should continue the pep rallies through COVID

Addison Mark , Public Relations Manager


Lately, I don’t remember a day when I didn’t think of it, or have to do something differently in my life because of it. It has most definitely changed everyone’s lives for the worse. 

The class of 2021 are enduring their last year in high school in ruins. They don’t get to go to the sports games with all of their friends, go to homecoming, get to enjoy pep rallies, and they even have freshmen and sophomores sitting on their side of the lunch room. 

Though I’m not a senior, I still feel for them and how upset they are. I, too, would be upset if my senior year was ruined by a pandemic.

It’s understandable that the school enforces these restrictions for our safety, but one thing that I believe the school should try and adjust is the pep rallies.  I’m not saying we should pack the whole school in the gym, like what normally happens, but let’s just allow the 306 seniors to watch the pep rally from the gym. We have a pretty large gym, and it seems possible to have everyone remain six feet apart in there and keep their masks on. Then, the seniors’ year won’t be totally ruined. 

The seniors are honestly the only grade level that really cares about the pep rallies. Sure it’s fun, but they’re mainly for the seniors, and the lower grades won’t be devastated if they didn’t get to go. So, if there are those in the lower grades that would like to see the pep rally, couldn’t we stream it live to the G mod classes? In Flex mod that was achieved with Mass, so why not a pep rally?

Yes, there will probably be some seniors at the pep rally that won’t abide by the “six feet apart” rule. If they don’t abide by it, then they won’t be able to have a pep rally, and that’s their fault. Hopefully, if the school allows seniors to go to pep rallies, the seniors will know that if they don’t follow the rules given to them in order to help them have a somewhat fun senior year, then it’ll be taken away from them.