Votes are In

Sarah Roberts, Business and Managing Editor

Last Friday, Aug 28, Bishop Kenny students voted for their Student Council Class Officers. These included the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and two senators. The student council meets once a month, and more when planning events, and help with the Miss Bishop Kenny Pageant, Springfest, Homecoming and other events. Seniors had to vote again Monday, Aug 31, due to a technical issue. The officers were announced Tuesday, Sep 1, over Schoology to the school.

The Student Government Association, or SGA, for the student body overall this year comprised of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. For the 2020-2021 school year Trevi Vollick (12), Winston Peele (11), Janelle Sumbling (11) and Izabelle Young (11) are the SGA officers. These officers were voted while Bishop Kenny was participating in online school this past year. Their job is to organize and help run the student councils and help with events the councils plan.

“My big thing is, not letting people limit us (seniors)” Rodney Wells, senior class president, said.

“I hope to accomplish something unique and new to the student council” Francisco Alvarez, junior class president, said.

“I just hope to work with my grade and make it (Bishop Kenny) the best place in the community” Blaine Parry, sophomore class president, said.

“I am hoping to reimagine student life during Covid 19” Bridgette Sutter, freshman class president, said.

Along with the class presidents, the following are the student council class officers for their respective classes:

Rodney Wells (12) is the senior class president. (Sarah Roberts)

Senior class of 2021

President:  Rodney Wells

Vice President:  Alexa Smith

Treasurer: Sophia Hayag

Secretary: Lily England

Senator: Jonah Brewer

Senator: Jacob Essa

Francisco Alvarez (11) is the junior class president. (Sarah Roberts)

Junior Class of 2022

President:  Francisco Alvarez

Vice President:  Paul Barakat

Treasurer: Bradley Miller

Secretary: Joshua Biringer

Senator: Rose Montana

Senator: Luke Smith

Senator: Ria Saldajeno

Blaine Parry (10) is the sophomore class president. (Sarah Roberts)

Sophomore Class of 2023

President:  Blaine Parry

Vice President:  Isabella Farhat

Treasurer: Ian Kirsch

Secretary: Ava Liuzzo

Senator: Janine Sumbeling

Senator: Jacob Berengolts 

Bridgette Sutter (9) is the freshmen class president. (Sarah Roberts)

Freshman Class of 2024

President: Bridgett Sutter

Vice President:  Sophia Cratem

Treasurer: Alexis Anderson

Secretary: Julia Farhat

Senator: Gabriella Becerra

Senator: Dennis Verdiguel