Senior Finals Countdown

Only 43 days left until the Senior Class of 2019 takes the final exams.

Megan Yates, Web Manager

April 1st begins the countdown until the Class of 2019 takes their final tests of their high school careers. There are only 43 days left until senior exams begin. Most but not all students (seniors) will be exempt from taking some, if not all, of their exams. Senior students will find out whether they have to take their exams from each teacher.

The Bishop Kenny Parent Student handbook states that seniors will be exempt from taking their final exams in each subject if they have a 90-100 average yearly average provided they have no more than 4 excused or unexcused absences per class per semester and no out-of-school suspensions during their senior year. Three excused or unexcused tardies to class during the semester equals one absence under the exemption policy. All qualifying students will be given the option of taking the final examinations.