Two Worlds That Should Not Collide

About the way different companies are trying to connect with our generation through movies and television

Rita Albert, Editor-in-Chief

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

          The entertainment industry has many television shows and movies that are amazing, however, as of late, there is a specific idea within some of the movies or television shows that makes me instantly start to dislike them. The entertainment industry has been using things such as YouTube knockoffs and emojis to attempt to connect better with our generation that is obsessed with social media. It is either that or that they have just simply run out of story ideas.

          One company toying with this strategy is Disney Channel. Disney Channel has created shows such as Bizaardvark and Coop & Cami that deal with kids creating videos on the internet. The acting is not believable or good in these shows and it seems like Disney is trying to create a knock-off version of iCarly. The difference between iCarly, a show that was also about kids broadcasting to a website they control, and these new shows is that iCarly was a new concept at the time it came out (2007) and the actors had more experience.

          YouTube was created in 2005 and the first iPhones/androids came out in 2007. The concept of video streaming by normal people, not just actors/actresses, had just begun, but nowadays everybody knows what YouTube is and even young children have smartphones. The idea is not new anymore and social media has been normalized within society. Attempting to convey ideas like this in television is a large mistake that turns away many people because it is a basic idea and makes it look like they are trying way too hard.