Crusaders Conquer

Crusaders girls’ basketball take on Bolles Bulldogs

Emily Wheldon, Web Manager

Both of the BK Crusaders girls’ basketball teams played against the Bolles Bulldogs girls’ teams on Jan. 12 for two intense games.

The night started off with the JV game as freshman Avrianna Lundy scored the first points of the game. The girls continued to put points onto the board, with the Bulldogs closing in on them.

Halftime left a six-point difference between the teams, 15 points for Bolles against Kenny’s 21 points. The girls were able to keep their spirits high and their lead, allowing them to win 40-31. 

Girls’ Varsity took over the court and held the attention of the packed gym for the rest of the night.

Junior Riley Talbert secured the first points of the game, helping the girls obtain a small lead. In the last few seconds of the second quarter the girl’s had a three-point lead, until Senior Sophia Rueppell scored a buzzer beater half-court shot, increasing the girl’s lead.

At the end of the game the score board displayed a 15-point advantage for the girls, with the final score of 55-40, giving the Crusaders yet another win for the night.