AP Attitudes

Discussing negative feelings towards AP classes

Anna Bass, Editor-in-Chief

It’s your sophomore year and you get your first opportunity at an AP class: AP World History or AP Computer Science Principles. The majority of your class will opt out of taking these classes due to feelings of fear and doubt in the difficulty of the class and their personal academics skills. However, junior year comes along and you rethink your decision about neglecting AP classes. You realize that they could strongly boost your GPA and give major benefits for your future, aka college. Therefore, many students, in an effort to make up for lost time and compete with their classmates, will enroll in around two or three AP classes along with a full course load of honors classes as well. It’s at this point that you will realize what you’ve gotten yourself into, and I personally can say that I am a victim to this problem as well.

I take three AP classes (Chemistry, Language, and US History) and I spend around five hours on my homework every night. The majority of my friends are going through the same experience and we all have other extracurricular activities like work and sports on top of the class load. After many nights of no sleep, stress and anxiety you might begin to think “Why am I taking these classes? What’s the point?” If you aren’t enjoying your high school experience due to all the work you’re given, then you will probably be quick to blame AP classes as the root of your problems. This might be true, but you must be careful in controlling these feelings for a couple reasons. 

It goes without saying that students are not going to love being in difficult classes, but I say have faith. We have less than two months left of school for this year and then there’s Christmas Break. Right now, your future may seem bleak, your attitude might be low, and you’re probably wondering what the point of all this work is. But don’t give up, keep putting in your best effort. Your hard work will pay off in the end and your future will be bright and promising. 

In the meantime, here’s a prayer to give you hope and encouragement to continue working hard in the face of adversity.

A prayer for overcoming challenges with academics. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)