Candy Corn Gone Crazy

Brach’s released ‘Tailgate’ candy corn flavors for football season beginning

Rheece Singletary, A & E and Opinion Section Editor

With football season starting up, everybody is getting ready to cookout and watch their favorite teams battle it out. Brach’s candy brand decided it was an amazing idea to take their own spin on the theme ‘Tailgate’ in honor of football season, releasing candy corn flavors that included hotdog, hamburger, popcorn, fruit punch and vanilla ice cream. YUM!

This was the most vile thing any candy company every released to the public. I didn’t want to judge it for having strange flavors, because you never know it could be good. But, when I attempted to eat one, I was unlucky and got the hamburger or hotdog flavor, and couldn’t even continue chewing after I took a bite. Comparing it to normal candy corn, the entire idea of the sugary caramel-like flavor was lost in the making. The aftertaste of vomit lingers in your mouth for longer than it should. I refused to try another because even the smell of the bag was repulsive. 

“I thought lemon candy corn was bad, until I had that,” German teacher Carol Hollen said.

Another student who heard about it claimed it was an “abomination.” Senior Adan Turner 

Senior and staff member Jared Carrillo claimed he had never tried candy corn before. After he tried original candy corn and the Tailgate candy corn he claimed that the tailgate was better. But, he decided to ignore the fact he spit out the hotdog and hamburger flavor in to the trash can. 

I think the idea of candy being turned savory defeats the whole purpose of sweets. Brach’s couldn’t even get the savory candy recipe down, can anyone else? 

Save yourself three dollars and the trip to your local Walmart or Walgreens, and don’t get these. These candy corns should immediately be recalled and never brought up again.