Do it R-I-G-H-T

Since Wordle has taken over the world, there are many strategies to be the best game player

Ava Liuzzo, Graphic Design Editor

Wordle is a game in which the player must guess the correct five-letter word before they run out of their six guesses. Recently bought by New York Times for over a million dollars, its popularity is only going to increase. Because so many people play it a week, conversations have started to arise about the creation of an official Wordle App. According to New York Times, it is played by over 300,000 people daily so the chance that you have played it is relatively high. The question is not whether you have played this game, but it is whether you have successfully played it; successfully meaning that you were able to guess the word of the day within your six guesses. 

A Wordle user shows the layout of a daily Wordle guessing game online (Courtesy of Creative Commons).

There is only one right way to play the game, and that is to guess a new word each day instead of using the same ones each time. Now, many of you may believe that words such as “Adieu,” Tiera,” and “Audio” are the best to begin your game, but that is not the case. Beginning with words that house so many vowels not only takes away the fun of the game but also majorly reduces the chance of getting the Wordle of the day in one guess. If you start with the word “Robin,” for example, you would have accurately guessed Sunday’s word of the day, whereas if you had first guessed the word “Adieu,” you would have not been as successful. 

This strategy is beneficial for not only the original and most well-known Wordle game, but also spinoff versions such as Taylordle, Dordle, Absurdle, Wordle Unlimited, and more. 

When thinking about whether or not to go with your signature word or to try something new, always opt to try something new. You never know whether that word would indeed be the highly coveted word of the day.