Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Suspect New Coach

Jacksonville Jaguars fans are suspecting Byron Leftwich as the Jags new head coach.

Haley Samaan, Layout and Design Editor

On Wednesday, Jacksonville Jaguars fans were buzzing over the possibility that former offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Byron Leftwich, be hired as the new head coach.

Leftwich formerly played in the NFL for ten seasons. He was named the MAC Most Valuable Player at Marshall twice prior to being selected as the Jaguars seventh overall pick in the 2003 NFL draft. After playing four seasons for the Jags, he played one season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and one season for the Atlanta Falcons.

As a backup to Ben Roethlisberger, he also played four non-consecutive seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers and was a part of the Super Bowl- winning team in the Super Bowl XLIII.

Leftwich became an quarterbacks coach for the Arizona Cardinals in 2017, then became an interim offensive coordinator for the team in 2018. In 2019, he went from Arizona to the Buccaneers as their offensive coordinator until 2021, when he was fired. He led Tom Brady and the offense to a Super Bowl win over the Kansas City Chiefs in his last year coaching at Tampa Bay.

While the Jaguars have not officially released his hire, it is suspected an announcement could come as early as Wednesday.

Until then, Jags fans await anxiously for the announcement of who their next head coach will be.

A group of “super fans” gathered at TIAA Bank Field on Wednesday, Jan. 26 to support the players as they awaited for the announcement of their new head coach.

“We’re Duval till we die. We don’t stop. We’re going to be here to support whoever the coach is. We’re going to fill the stands for them,” super fan David Mendenhall said in a News4Jax interview.

Bryon Leftwich suspected as the Jags new head coach.