Treemendous Christmas Trees

Though artificial and real Christmas trees are both de-lightful, they both have their pros and cons. 

Ava Liuzzo, Graphic Design Editor

The battle of the Christmas trees has been ongoing for centuries. Today we will discuss the pros and cons of each type of holiday tree.

To start on a positive note, artificial trees are less of a hassle, meaning that they are easier and faster to set up and take down than an actual tree would be. They are reliable, as they are consistently in your possession year after year. Because of this, artificial trees are realistically more budget-friendly, seeing as though they are a one-time purchase made once every couple of years. Some people may pine over the fact that artificial trees don’t encapsulate the iconic Christmas tree smell of the evergreen tree, but the simplicity of this tree’s setup can outweigh this con. 

Artificial Christmas Tree (courtesy of the Creative Commons).

On another note, artificial trees are a very expensive one-time purchase, so if you don’t have the money at the moment, it may be difficult to buy a nice tree for under a couple of hundred dollars. Artificial trees are also bad for the environment since they are made out of nonrenewable materials, and, though this is a relatively uncommon occurrence, there is a possibility of the tree catching on fire due to the lights that are built into the tree. As long as the research is done about the artificial tree brand, however, this is not an aspect of tree buying to worry about. 

Now real trees are the most popular type of tree purchased by families all around the world but they still do have their cons. One of which is that they are actually living plants, so they must be watered and properly taken care of. It is also common for these trees to house insects, so it is recommended that you check your tree before bringing it into your home. On an uplifting note, these authentic Christmas trees fill your home with the holiday spirit in the form of that fresh evergreen scent.  

It is clear that artificial trees are the best option if you are looking for a budget-friendly, beautiful-looking tree for the holiday season, but if you look forward to the nostalgic smell of Christmas, the authentic tree may be your best option.