Closing the Gap

Biden proposes a new office focused on women’s issues

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Grace Jennings, Copy Editor

As Trump left office this January he disbanded an office which was focused on women’s issue. This week, Joe Biden announced that he was putting effort into resurrecting it.
Biden created the Gender Policy Council, similar to Obama’s White House Council on Women and Girls. His plan for this group is an intricate one. It includes combating against gender-based violence, reducing maternal mortality rates, adding an Equal Rights amendment to the Constitution, and more.
Along with these visions Biden has proposed economic plans to benefit women, such as paid family leave and more subsidies for child care, along with the $15 minimum wage.
Over the pandemic many women, specifically in the caregiving field, have found themselves out of jobs. Day care and school workers have been crunched out of the labor force due to close downs, leaving the majority female field wondering what is next.
“Let’s make sure our caregivers, mostly women, women of color, immigrants, have the same pay and dignity that they deserve,” the president said during his proposal of his COVID-19 relief plan.
In my opinion the Gender Policy Council is a good edition to Biden’s proposals and is especially necessary during the pandemic. Many are wary about the effects of these plans, but I think that this is what the women of America need during this hectic time.