Taking Down the Wolfpack

Crusaders first win of 2021

Charli Esposito, Web and Social Media Manager

On Jan. 5 the Bishop Kenny Crusaders offense dominated the Wolfson Wolfpacks defense.

In just eleven minutes junior Nathan Hawara scored a goal with an assist from senior Andrew Pia. After a yellow card on Crusaders, Hawara scored a rebound goal off of the Wolfpacks defense at the top of the first half. Crusaders intensity increased as senior Sean Meisler scored the third goal of the first half, assisted by junior Raf Montavlo. The Wolfpack was unable to defend Crusaders offense successfully leading junior Victor Wiediger to assist junior Martin Pineiros with the fourth goal. At the end of the first half, Hawara scores the fifth goal, earning a hat trick for Hawara, with an assist from Pineiros.  First half ending 5-1 Crusaders.

In the beginning of the second half, the Wolfpack’s offense breaks through Crusaders defensive line and scores.

Crusader, Meisler finds a break in the Wolfpack offense, leading Pineiros to the sixth goal with an assist. In the final minutes, Pineiros  attempts a shot at the goal; not scored by offsides rule.

Ending the game with a goal by Meisler with an assist from Pineiros.

First win of 2021. 7-1 Crusaders.