Thirty Dollars Too Much

Is Disney making us over pay for movies?

Elena Vincenty, Editor-in-Chief

The photo cover of the live action Mulan (Photo courtesy of Disney).

We all remember the shock that came to us when we found out that we all had to pay 30 dollars for the new movie Mulan. How could Disney do this?

Now I ask, is it ridiculous that Disney would make Disney Plus members pay to watch a movie on top of what they already pay per month?

Personally I found it a little excessive that Disney would make members pay on top of their monthly fee, but at a business stand point it makes sense.

Hypothetically if Disney did not charge to watch Mulan, not much profit would be made.

According to Forbes, Disney spent 200 million in making the movie and they made 57+ million dollars after it came onto Disney Plus.

Mulan is currently a big fish in a near-empty pond, and the notion of it being “worthy” of global theatrical release is part of its allure,” stated in a Forbes article.

But with not giving the movie to theaters, their was no distribution charge added to what Disney spent; which could be considered an added bonus.

Luckily Mulan is the only movie, thus far, that you have to pay to watch and afterwards you can watch it as many times as you want. But Mulan becomes free after December 4.

To those who found it ridiculous for the extra charge to watch the movie, you could wait just a few more days to see the movie; you have almost made it!

But we cannot forgot that anything Disney comes with a price but that does not mean it is always valid.

An NPR interview on why Disney charged: