A Love Letter to Candy Corn

A manifesto in support of an overlooked Halloween treat

Delicious candy corn in mutiple forms!

Image courtesy of Creative Commons

Delicious candy corn in mutiple forms!

Elena Vincenty, Editor-in-Chief

Delicious candy corn in multiple forms! (Image courtesy of Creative Commons).

We put out a survey a few weeks ago asking you all if you like candy corn. 515 of you responded, 71.3% of you said yes! Thank goodne,s but to the 28.7% that said no, why are you hating on such a good candy?

You may say “it does not have enough flavor” but that is just untrue.

Candy corn may be simple, but at least it does not need all the extra added nuts, chocolate or caramel to make it good. It is the best in its purest form, white, orange and yellow goodness.

Or some may say “it is too sugary”, I can agree with you on that but just think: you have a craving for something sugary– ice cream? No, you would have to have a couple of scoops to satisfy that sweet tooth. Here is your perfect solution, candy corn. Just a couple of pieces to satisfy that sugary craving!

Also to add candy corn does not come in just one form, it comes in multiple. You can buy harvest or even pumpkin candy corn, how many other candies do you know that come in that kind of variety? None, thank you!

But also candy corn is not just about its taste, it is about that feeling it can give you of when you were just a kid getting sugar rushes from all the Halloween candy you just ate.

Do you see now why it is such a good candy? It is small, simple, satisfies that sugary craving and can flood back memories. What’s candy can top that?

To the 28.7% of you that said ‘no’ to candy corn I hope you re-think your decision and see just what you are missing out on!

Sweetest and corniest wishes,

Candy Corn Lovers.