School Uniforms: Yay Or Nay?

Why uniforms are nowhere near as bad as we make them seem

Jessica Golden, Design and Layout Editor

Growing up in Catholic school, I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t wearing a school uniform. All throughout my elementary and middle school experience I dreaded putting on that awful uniform. I finally realized that, maybe uniforms aren’t so bad.

I found myself constantly complaining that wearing a uniform would not allow me to express myself, as all 13 year olds strive to do. I was jealous of all of my public school friends who could wear practically whatever they wanted, paint their nails and even dye their hair crazy colors. I soon came to the conclusion that wearing a uniform brought a sense of order into my crazy life.

As many of us have to to worry about school, extracurricular activities and clubs, our clothes should be the least of our worries. Instead of spending a significant amount of time of picking out an outfit, we’re able to just throw on the same old uniform (hopefully not old, washing them is important) every morning. It saves us a large amount of time in our week. We know exactly what we can and cannot accessorize with. There’s no questioning, “I wonder if this is in dress code?” This is just one reason why school uniforms are a good thing.

Secondly, we never have to worry about being judged about our outfit. If we’re all wearing the exact same thing, no one can tease others for their choice of pants. Our skirts are the same length, we all wear the same shirts (even the boys), and our shoes are practically all the same. We are able to wear jewelry or nails polish to express ourselves. What more could one ask for?

Lastly, there are less distractions. We cannot be distracted by crazy hair colors or outlandish outfits. If we are all wearing the same thing it gives us more time to focus on school. I’m sure the teachers love this too. The only things they can really yell at us for are our socks, girls having skirts too short, or boys with their top button undone. Now with COVID, I guess they also can yell about our masks.

Uniforms get a bad reputation but they really aren’t so bad.