Battle of the Boulevard

Varsity Volleyball wins 3-0 against the Episcopal Eagles

Meghan Williamson, Design and Layout Editor

Tensions rose on Atlantic Boulevard as the two schools less than two miles from one another went head to head with three matches: Freshman, JV and Varsity Volleyball.

The varsity girls game started off slow, with the score at 11-6 after Episcopal’s first time out in set one. Junior Tina Nika scoring an ace on the set point, bringing the first set’s final score to 25-13.

Junior Tina Nika bumps the ball over the net. (Meghan Williamson)

The Crusaders served to begin the second set, with Hailey Gomer serving the first ace of the second set, bringing the score to 4-0. At the end of set two, the final score was 25-14.

Senior Emilie Chinault sends a spike over the net. (Meghan Williamson)



As the girls powered into their third set, the Eagles began to sweep in and take the momentum away. At the timeout, the score was 14-16, with BK trailing just behind. The third set came to a close with Senior Emilie Chinault on the right side, winning the set 25-21. Crusaders won the game 3-0.

Freshman Cami Laybak bumps the ball over the net. (Meghan Williamson)