Corona Affects Kenny Life Update 6

Sarah Roberts, Business and Managing Editor

At the start of June online classes ended and summer began. Due to the coronavirus Bishop Kenny and other schools across the country transitioned into participating in virtual classes. Teachers held zoom meetings, created edpuzzles, and made other assignments for students to complete at home. 

Now Aug 19, freshmen will start high school and Aug 20, all upperclassmen will come back to BK campus. The start date was postponed earlier this month to help with preparations for the school year. This includes ordering more supplies and briefing teachers and staff about new changes to how BK is to operate this year.

Some of these changes include having to wear masks at all times except eating, disinfecting desks before and after classes, and social distancing during class and in between classes. Plexiglass barriers have been added to the classrooms to help protect students and teachers and desks have been spaced as much as possible to limit possible exposure.

With many students going back to BK campus some students are opting to go to online school through the Archdiocese of Miami. Those students will be live-streaming into their classes and doing their work at home. 

Whether a student is going to class on campus or not, students are asked to stay safe and be healthy.

This is a continuous story and will be updated when more information is available.