Corona Affects Kenny Life Update 2

Sarah Roberts, Business and Managing Editor

As of Mar 31 at 9:00 am, Bishop Kenny students will not be going back to school on BK campus until after May 1 as announced by Deacon Scott J. Conway, superintendent. This means BK students will have Easter Break from Apr 7 to April 15 and continue distance learning on Apr 16. Events will be cancelled and postponed until students return to BK campus.

As of Apr 1 at 1:00 pm, Governor Ron Desantis made a public announcement that will be a Stay-At-Home order for all of FL starting on Apr 3 at midnight and will end on Apr 30. This order calls for everyone who is not required to participate in necessary activities to limit their social interactions and stay home. Necessary activities include going to the grocery store, to work and the hospital or clinic. This order occurs after some counties and cities, including Camden County and Miami, FL, issue mandatory curfews for their residents.

Superintendent’s Letter:

2020-03-30 COVID-19 Parent Letter.pdf2020-03-30_COVID-19_Parent_Letter.pdf

Governor Ron Desantis’ executive order:

This story will be updated as more BK events and the coronavirus are announced