Tea Time with Tara: Chocolate Laffy Taffy Edition

Tara Shear, Opinion Editor

For the longest time, I believed that the biggest controversy surrounding Laffy Taffy was the condemnation of the yellow, or banana-flavored, taffy. I have also noticed that as we grow older, we tend to become more tolerant of the once-hated banana Laffy Taffy. There is a new enemy in the world of Laffy Taffy which must be stopped at all costs: chocolate Laffy Taffy.

I love chocolate. I love everything about it, from the overwhelmingly sweet white chocolate to the bitterest of dark chocolate. I am, what they call, a “Chocolate Connoisseur.” Obviously, I should love anything which is flavored like chocolate. I even love when shave ice or Italian ice are chocolate-flavored, although I can understand why someone might think that is disgusting. Chocolate Laffy Taffy, though, is nothing like real chocolate. It is so entirely artificial and uncomfortably light in color that after I took one bite, it was hard for me to swallow. I am almost certain I littered that day as I could not find a trash can to dispose of that abomination. 

I am a pretty open-minded person, but I will not wrap my head around chocolate Laffy Taffy. I can accept green apple, strawberry, grape, banana, watermelon, blue raspberry and cherry Taffy, but chocolate Laffy Taffy will remain the one small chocolate dessert that I will not endorse.