Digital Detox

Rachel Lechwar, Copy Editor

How many times have you found yourself checking social media in your free time? How many times does “just one minute” turn into hours of Tik Toks in a never-ending loop? How many times do you compare your life to the picture-perfect smiles and filters on Instagram?

If the answer to any of these is “frequently,” it may be time to give yourself a break. Technology detoxification, or detox, is growing in popularity as a way to decrease stress and distraction. If you find yourself draining away hours on the phone, try stepping away from technology. Studies show this could reduce depression and anxiety, build relationships and increase work productivity. Here are some ways to ease away from technology reliance.

  1. Pace yourself: Start off with a small break and make a plan to limit screen time gradually. Set limits for yourself on the settings app and check the screen time statistics to monitor your progress.
  2. Find other outlets: Often, technology can be used to fill a void and the release of technology can appear detrimental, like removing a crutch that we feel is necessary for communicating with others. Even if you slip into the technology habit out of boredom, it can be difficult to know what to do with that free time. Try spending more time exploring hobbies, getting together with friends, engaging in physical activity or channeling energy to be productive.
  3. Be purposeful: If you truly want this to work, it has to be something you want, not an interesting idea that other people have mentioned. It should not be a way to test yourself or your limits. It should be a way to learn to live without technology and find the areas of your life that are consumed by the digital world.

Technology has ultimately benefited us, allowing people to communicate in ways we never have before. But, with every advancement comes the potential for drawbacks. Removing technology entirely might be an impossible feat, but at least take the time to analyze the influence of digital media and seek to live outside the bounds of your screen.