Seniors Steal the Field

Senior girls beat juniors 14-0 in annual powderpuff game.

Meghan Williamson, Design and Layout Editor

The bleachers were divided as the juniors and senior girls fought to give their grade the title of ‘powderpuff champion’ the 2020 school year. The seniors took on the juniors and won 14-0 in the Jan. 16 game. 

“I was nervous to mess up and make a fool of myself, but I think the fact that it’s just a fun competition made me feel a little better,” Junior Riley Salomone said. “I’m just glad I actually signed up for it.” Salomone played offense in the game. Along with Salomone, some key players for the juniors were Casey Cusick, Maddie Davis, and Trevi Vollack. 

For the seniors, two standout players were Anaje Austin and Timber Abinsay. The seniors managed to keep their defense up and were able to stop the juniors from scoring through both quarters. 

“Hopefully next year we’ll be able to win,” Junior Francesca Anderson said. “I was so nervous on the field but next year I’ll be able to know the feeling and be able to pull through with a W for the seniors.”